Blank Canvas One Stop Conceal Brush Set


Blank Canvas One Stop Conceal Brush Set teams 3 brushes perfect for creating a flawless base for your makeup. Use to camouflage or apply detailed highlight and contour makeup.Why you need it:Blank Canvas One Stop Conceal Brush Set teams the Blank Canvas E89, F17 and F83 brushes to give you the perfect collection of brushes for detailed face makeup. All brushes are made from top quality, anti-bacterial synthetic fibres, and can be used with liquid, cream and powder products.Blank Canvas E89 Mini Painter Style Concealer brush is perfect for applying concealer, detailed contour, or eyeshadow – use it to perfect your cut crease! Blank Canvas F17 Camouflage Brush is perfect for concealing, carving out your brows or applying the perfect amount of eye primer. It’s ideal for covering blemishes too.Blank Canvas F83 Dome Concealer / Face Brush is ideal for applying and blending concealer, blush, foundation, primer, highlight or contour. Perfect for working into smaller areas of the face.

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